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Up..up..up Art started in 2012 with monthly openings of our flat in San Francisco with the idea of making the space open to visitors on weekends as it is during the annual Fall SF Open Studios event.

Following the monthly openings and to further reach out to the public came the idea of creating a mobile foldable lightweight structure mounted on a bike trailer to be used as a pop up art display.

The design and production of a prototype was completed by the end of august 2013. The art bike trailer went out in our neighborhood for a test and it was a success.

The collapsing display fits in a box on top of the trailer and is put together without any tool on top of the trunk used to store art works.

“ The Art Bike Trailer ready to deploy

with the display folded on top in the orange box

Before the Launch

Trunk open ready for art works.2013.

In the Proxy.

   Hayes Valley SF 2015.

In the Proxy.

   Hayes Valley SF 2015.

   Hayes Valley SF 2014.

   Hayes Valley SF 2014.

   Journal Building

Artspan Block Party

SF 2015.


  Coming up...

  Saturday June 4th 2016 .

  Open House/ Gallery/ Studio from 1pm to 6pm.

  646 Laguna Street, cross Grove Street in Hayes Valley.

  San Francisco.