"Stream pose"2006 Resin , wood , paint.

“This work is the third piece in a serie started in 2004 where the drawing is extended out of the panel . In this process, I carve a shallow drawing in the wood surface which is then painted with multiples layers of white paint , sanded and polished . For this particular type of work , I use silicone molds to extend the drawing out of the surface. The pigmented resin is then poured into the shalow drawing to the point of overflowing on the surface creating a translucent relief. Hopefully the object is completed with the least traces of my intervention. This particular type of work is driven by a

desire to bring forth a sculptural nature to a two dimensional surface.

Stream pose , is an allusion to two opposite states and also the color , rose. A human form isolated in the white surface and extending out of the frame in a frozen flow,within the idea of fluidity and the potential for transformation. Working with silhouettes of human bodies seems to generate a need to identify to define. In this particular serie the dripping resin can heighten the uncertainty. Moving out of a frame of thinking or being requires flexibility . I like to think of a visual fluidity as seeing and moving through . These are thoughts I carry in my life and my creative process. Beyond that it is up to the viewer and the many states of minds. One person once told me looking at this particular work that because of the resin extending down , it really felt like the body was missing the legs. I found this remark very interesting because of all the portraits that have been painted over centuries and all those heads missing their bodies. Later on that comment got me thinking and inspired me to start a new serie of works. "

By Philippe Jestin


A little about Philippe: "A secret dear to me is as follow, I think therefore I am ...not so sure.... " Live and work in San Francisco. Currently showing with Hang Gallery, San Francisco and looking for more representation out in the world...

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Friday, January 18, 2008